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Course Curriculum

Welcome to Passion Blog Pro
Start Here! 00:07:00
Intro to Passion Blog Pro 00:03:30
Who is Passion Blog Pro For? 00:01:00
Proof of Income 00:02:30
What is Affiliate Marketing? 00:02:15
Your Mindset Before You Start 00:08:15
Setting Up Your Cash Machine
Go Get a Domain 00:06:00
Hosting Your Foundation 00:08:00
Connect Domain to Host (Another Example) 00:09:30
How to Design Your Website 00:05:45
How to Build Your First Website 00:02:45
Saving Money on Domains and Domain Redirecting 00:08:30
How to Forward Your Affiliate Link on Your Domain 00:02:15
Make Money with Google 00:04:45
Building Your List
Building Your List 00:12:00
How to Set Up Your Aweber Account 00:10:30
How to Add an Email Swipe into Your Aweber Account 00:07:15
How to Resend Unopened Emails 00:03:00
How to Grow Your Email List 00:06:00
How to Build Your List By Giving Value 00:02:30
Use Aweber Apps to Build Your List on Automated 00:01:15
The Importance of Facebook Groups 00:03:45
Building a Landing Page
How to Build Your Landing Page 00:12:45
How to Build Your First Landing Page 00:28:00
How to Build a Sales Funnel 00:04:15
The Funnel Formula
The Funnel 00:04:30
Creating a Funnel Using Igloo 00:06:30
Traffic Strategies
How to Get Free Traffic and Paid to Your Website or Blog 00:09:00
Create Your Gravatar 00:01:00
How to Monetize Your Exit Traffic 00:07:30
Content Strategies
How to Get Free Targeted Content 00:12:00
How to Research Winning Keywords 00:04:30
How to Ping Your Content for Free 00:03:00
Best SEO Practices
SEO Best Practices 00:04:45
How to Find Trending Keywords Using Google Search 00:02:00
How to Find Products to Promote
How to Find Products to Promote on JvZoo 00:10:15
How to Get Free Products to Promote 00:03:30
How to Review Products on Your Website 00:08:15
How to Find Products to Promote 00:04:30
How to Apply to Cash Networks (MaxBounty) 00:02:00
Cloaking Your Affiliate Links
How to Cloak Your JVZoo Affiliate Links 00:04:15
Facebook Ad Strategies
How to Make Money Using Facebook 00:08:00
What Objectives to Use in Facebook Ads 00:11:30
How to Get Low Cost Clicks Using Facebook Ads 00:07:45
How to Build Cash-Making Fan Pages 00:10:15
Solution to Disapproved Ads on Facebook 00:05:15
Facebook Conversion Pixel 00:05:30
How to Download Videos from Facebook 00:03:30
How to Boost a Post on Facebook 00:05:00
How to Create a Video Ad on Facebook 00:04:15
How to Boost a Post on Facebook for Free 00:02:00
Copy My Winning Facebook Ads 00:07:45
Watch Me Add a Facebook Conversion Pixel Live 00:05:00
How to Create Look-a-Like Audiences on FB 00:02:00
Bing Ads
How to Create Your First Bing Ads Campaign 00:15:45
Get Your First Commission with MaxBounty & Bing Ads 00:14:45
How to Create Your Own Solo Ad on Bing Ads 00:13:15
CPC Marketing Strategies
How to Create Your First CPC Marketing Campaign (1) 00:01:45
How to Create Your First CPC Marketing Campaign (2) 00:03:00
How to Create Your First CPC Marketing Campaign (3) 00:04:30
How to Create Your First CPC Marketing Campaign (4) 00:13:30
How to Create Your First CPC Marketing Campaign (5) 00:06:00
Extra Bonus for Your First CPC Marketing 00:02:30
Video Marketing
How to Create and Rank Professional Videos 00:06:00
How to Create Videos to Promote 00:05:00
Promote Your Products Using YouTube Video Ads 00:04:30
How to Make Money Using YouTube 00:03:00
Tracking Strategies
How to Track, Scale and Make Commissions 00:03:30
Learn How to Scale with Winning Keywords 00:06:00
How to Create a PostBack URL Pixel 00:02:30
Advanced Training
How to Promote JvZoo Products 00:22:30
How to Build a Money Making Blog 00:10:00
Build Your List without Spending a Dime 00:12:30
Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer or Blogger 00:08:00
Build Your Free List Using Instagram 00:05:00
Case Studies
How To Make Your 1st Commission Using Clickbank™ & Facebook™ While Building a List [Free Training] 00:17:45
How I Made $1,431 in a Month by Promoting JvZoo Products 00:10:30
Passion Blog Outro
Passion Blog Outro 00:06:30
Keyword Researching Strategies + Secret Strategies and Tips 00:06:00
How to Convert a Word Document into PDF (For Info Product Creation) 00:01:15
Finding Jobs Online or Becoming a Freelancer
Upwork 00:03:00
Fiverr 00:01:45
Starter Kit & Resources
Resources Tab 00:01:00
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